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These are Aussie colours, made in Australia.

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Our aim is to over-deliver on expectations.

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His Story


Robert Oster

The story begins somewhere in the past.

At the close of 1950s German migrant Barossa Valleyan history was born after two Austrian sisters, a loner.

Known as Robert Oster, that boy never left the man. Inventing a private world where colour and imagination were king and queen.

That has never changed. Colour - the enduring king - and imagination, its queen - live on.

Robert Oster Signature® colour collection, both in Fountain Pen Ink and inkArt.ink™ products, embodies the ethics, the imagination and the very heart and soul of the maker.

It is virtually impossible to speak of the brand without this living reference to he himself. He is the brand. The brand is him.

What you see is what you get... an under- promised product and an over-delivered experience.

From the start, the mantra has been

     “To exceed every expectation at every opportunity.”

We hope we have achieved that in your experience.

Ethics and Reason


That Bottle That Ink

As bottles go, this is an inoffensive, fairly ordinary shape. The mouth is wide enough for the widest of fountain pens. The cap is travel-proof and easy to use. So what was it that made them say it wouldn’t work?


‘It isn’t glass.’ ‘It is too tall.’ ‘It isn’t wide enough.’ ‘It doesn’t come in a box... people don’t buy ink unboxed.’

Well, allow us to share Robert’s reasoning behind the ink bottle he’s now famous for: 

     “I chose PET because it is made from recycled chemical waste which would otherwise remain a danger (or at best have a less friendly second life than a clean, recyclable PET bottle). PET is the world's most recycled plastic and much more often recycled than glass bottles.”

The shape? It works so well because of the need to handle and store ink bottles - we can easily become collectors of many inks. These fit so well in a small drawer or cabinet.

The now infamous cap label sits proudly atop. Each label swatched by Robert Oster himself.

The contents? Robert Oster Signature® Fountain Pen Inks are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Produced in a just-in-time manner means that stock isn't warehoused for lengthy periods. In fact, Robert insists on producing the inks in quantities specific to daily requirements - and orders are literally filled into bottles specific to our retail partners' particular needs. You can know that your ink bottle was filled and shipped just before it was offered for sale.

What about Shake'N'Shimmy® inks? Are they non-toxic and eco-friendly, too? Recently one of our retail partners asked on behalf of their environmentally concerned customers and friends. Here's what we said, adapted for your reading, as a matter of record:

       Our supplier of shimmy material adheres to government regulations.

The pigment material used for Robert Oster Signature® inkArt.ink™ Shake’N’Shimmy® (silver label) products, also known as Shimmy inks, are produced from powdered mica. Plastics and metallic materials are not used.

Though mica materials occur naturally in the environment, and may be flushed or diluted into wastewater, we do recommend care be taken disposing of Shimmy product as one would dispose of any ink product.

There have been several questions regarding Vegan concerns. As a general rule, we don't discuss component parts or production methods; however we do want you to know that to the very best of our ability to be certain, our product has only additives derived from both natural and/or non toxic materials and animal byproduct are not a part of the processes. There is no animal testing involved either.

Robert Oster Signature® products are famously non-toxic and we are both pleased and proud to provide this information.

An iconic Aussie product within just months of its first appearance. A world leader in its category. And a well behaved, colourful choice for all.

Indeed it is A drink for your pen®


About robert oster signature ink map of australia

The Australian landscape in Ink

This colourful representation of the Australian landscape was created by ink artist Nick Stewart of the U.K., and gifted to Robert Oster as a kind gesture.

We are proud to share this wonderful example of Robert Oster Signature® inks contrasted across the island continent terra Australis in art form.

Imagine what you could do with some Robert Oster ink and a little imagination!

Learn More About Nick Stewart

Nick Stewart is a world renowned  Graphic Artist. Nick's crusade to win converts to ink art already legendary. Visit the About Nick Stewart link and see how he makes ink sing and dance.